Daora Ltd. - international cargo transportation

Our Services

LLC «Daora» gives the services in delivery of complete and consolidated loads en-route: Europe – Asia, Europe – Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Turkey and the north of Russia – and the other way.

We provide transportation by the:

  • Semitrailers with the awnings has volume 86-120 m3, they are completed by the straps for fastening and carpets
  • Refrigerators 86-120m3 of one and two regimes and with the duplex system for fastening of loads; temperature +12/-20
  • Delivery of perishable goods is possible without stops by the cars with two drivers (900 km a day). Weight and size of load are unreserved

We offer services in consolidation of collapsible loads on the custom terminals of Europe. There is a service of custom registration in Italy, Germany, Holland and Poland; translation and re-registration of the documents at transit through Iran.

We offer:

  • There is the custom registration of loads in Uzbekistan: posts Ark Bulak and Angren
  • There is an export and import of loads to Phergan Valley, Uzbekistan
  • There is a delivery, planning and choice of routes for unoverall transportations
  • Multimodal transportations of loads of any complication (auto+railway+sea+air)
  • Air delivery of loads weighing to 200 tons
  • There is a planning of supplying with raw material and finished products for enterprises with limit ware-house areas
  • Complete spectrum of services in logistic and planning of deliveries